Coyote Tales: The List

Abigail's pure coyote, one of the last, and daughter of the pack alpha. Duty and tradition require her to mate with a purebred male, for the good of the pack. Her father's presented Abigail with a list of acceptable mates -- and an ultimatum. But no matter how hard Abigail tries to follow tradition, her heart won't agree with her mind. Not with one hunky cop and pack enforcer hot on her tail.

If only Darius were on the list...

Coyote Tales: Purity

Falling in love is never easy, but this time it's downright dangerous. Rory knows she can't have Dominick Rivers because he's pure coyote. He deserves a pure mate. Everyone knows this is how things are supposed to be, so why can't Dominick let her go? Even when the Purists come out of the woods to teach him a lesson he'll never forget -- the scars will remind him -- he still pursues her. If he can be so brave, why can't she?