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Coyote Tales: Purity

Falling in love is never easy, but this time it's downright dangerous. Rory knows she can't have Dominick Rivers because he's pure coyote. He deserves a pure mate. Everyone knows this is how things are supposed to be, so why can't Dominick let her go? Even when the Purists come out of the woods to teach him a lesson he'll never forget -- the scars will remind him -- he still pursues her. If he can be so brave, why can't she?

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This is a previously released series at Changeling Press that has been combined in a collection. The Leandros Collection contains the previously released novellas Sairah's Salvation, Matthew's Redemption, and Dana's Release.

Cade knows Sairah is his mate, but she's been raised on Earth. What he doesn't know is how to convince her she's not only an alien, but a lion shifter, as well.

When Matt's best friend and boss finds a mate, it means a lot more lonely nights for him -- until he meets Stacey and realizes his mate has been right under his nose the whole time. But a man with a past like his and no future doesn't deserve a woman to love him. If only the sexy, stubborn woman would take no for an answer.

Jacob finds himself on trial for a crime he hasn't committed... yet. Even worse? With his mate under suspicion, only one thing can save them now. The whole truth.

About Michelle

May 11, 2013 by Michelle

I've always been an avid reader, a trait I've hoped to pass on to my children. I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple books so it's kind of funny that my writing has taken the turn it has. In high school I wrote everything from romantic poems to short horror stories. I have quite an imagination.